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Welcome to Wine BioSolutions Project.

This project was founded with the aim of developing sustainable solutions to vineyard and winery challenges with a focus on effective biological alternatives.

Wine BioSolutions was founded in 2020 by Natalie Hawkins (@wineandthewild), a spearfishing and research enthusiast from Melbourne, Australia. After graduating from Reed College in 2018 with experience in nuclear, microbe, plant, and genetics labs, she desired to find a local industry where she could apply her ideas.  Being in Oregon, she joined the team in the Willamette Valley as a harvest intern, which encouraged her self-directed path to learn more about the challenges within the wine industry on the West Coast, from Canada all the way to Mexico. A year and a couple of hundred annotated ASEV articles later, she accepted a position as a researcher for the Napa Valley Viticultural Society. In the last year, she accepted positions as a harvest enologist on Pritchard Hill and then a cellar master in Calistoga.


A word from Natalie:

"To say it in a not-so-delicate way; to me, the main comfort of the wine industry is that there is always something to do because there is always a problem somewhere that needs to be fixed.  While many fixes are as simple as replacing an emitter in an irrigation line, some challenges can be overcome by the modification and utilization of new scientific advancements and research. I would like to provide folks with reliable suggestions derived from high-throughput analysis of conventional and novel technology within an actual production context.  With my intensive experience in many different types of research labs, wine regions, and both vit and production sides, I have sought to pull together novel combinations of ideas to make effective, sustainable solutions. "

-Natalie Hawkins

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